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Anatomy of an Effective Mobile Landing Page

Posted by Matthew Kolodziej

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Jul 7, 2014 9:10:00 PM

Dealers know that customers are relying more and more on mobile devices to conduct research, comparison shop, and navigate the auto mile. But if that's the case, why aren't more dealers spending time to optimize their mobile landing pages?  Some of our clients have made a concerted effort to turn their mobile pages into conversion machines. We tracked the "before" and "after" results in our dealership intelligence platform, the Dealer Positioning System, and used the findings to put together some suggestions for the ultimate mobile landing page.  

We've summarized our findings below and provided some examples of each of the recommended elements done right, contrasted with a version that has room for improvement.  

1. Advertise a Specific Offer at the Top of the Page. 

Too often, dealers rely on a generic image or header to generate interest.  Don't just tell buyers about your upcoming Labor Day Sale -- mention financing terms or special incentives that will help them get a full picture of what you're offering.  Doing so can boost click-to-call conversion rates by up to 91%.


2. Focus on a single vehicle for Bottom-Of-The-Funnel Shoppers

For retargeted shoppers who have already touched your inventory, and for shoppers who arrived through model-specific keywords or banners, keep pages focused on an offer for that particular vehicle. Buyers have shown they are interested; give them the highlights of what they need to know to make a decision on a single model, instead of forcing them to scroll through multiple vehicles to find the one they are looking for.  Bottom line: Up to a 59% increase in click-to-call conversion rate.



3. Employ branding content for Top-of-The-Funnel shoppers

For those just beginning their interaction with your dealership, avoid beating them over the head with offers right away. Shoppers who used a generic search like "honda dealers" to find you, as well as those who are new to your site so there's no prior behavior to look at, are higher up in the funnel. Offer up your best "why buy" language and focus on your dealership story, service offerings and competitive advantages and help them get to know your dealership before taking the next step toward purchase. You could extend the user's time on your site by up to 78%.


4. Use a single click-to-call CTA above the fold

Don't distract shoppers with too many choices. Your best shot at getting them on the phone with your BDC or sales team and in to the dealership for test drive is to ask for the call right upfront. You'll increase your chances of getting a click-to-call conversion by up to 200%.


5. Include clear, enticing button links to inventory and directions below the fold

Even though getting a click-to-call conversion is your main focus, you can still invite shoppers to continue to browse inventory or learn more about the dealership -- just keep them as secondary options for those who aren't quite ready to commit. We've seen bounce rates reduced by about 37% by using this technique.

mobile_picture_5Click here for a cheat sheet version of this post; consider sharing with your agency. And don't forget to track your before and after to see what the data is telling you -- we'd love to hear your results!


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