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Why Car Dealers Should Care About Structured Markup

Posted by Matthew Kolodziej

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Jun 20, 2013 3:27:00 PM

A few quick thoughts on structured markup, since it's been on our minds lately! Search engines still don't seem to be using data markup for dealer sites, but if they ever do (we're betting on it), then you'll want to at least have a thumbnail tagged correctly so that it will show in search results and make your vehicles stand out.

Was that just Greek to you?  We'll break it down: Data markup is something that's been in Google search results pages for awhile. You've probably seen it when you've searched for Yelp reviews or online recipes.

In this case, the photo, star rating, time and calorie count are all taken from the page on, because they've wrapped a little bit of code around those stats on the content of the page itself.  Google started pushing this more intensely after they teamed up with Bing and Yahoo to create, which is basically just a unified set of rules for marking up your content so that search engines can more easily understand and categorize what you're offering.


Google has a whole product category, but we rarely see any photos or ratings pop up in vehicle search results like they do with recipes. String started marking up all of our client's vehicle detail pages with tags over a year ago in the hopes that Google would begin integrating the thumbnail photo into search results pages, but it hasn't happened to date.

Since they're now pushing it more, we're hopeful we'll finally start to see our client's VDP's stand out more in search results.

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